ESS Cube Seismic System

The ESS Cube Seismic System is the most versatile and easy-to-use small scale seismic system available.

The system can perform several types of surveys including MASW, Vs30, refraction, and reflection surveys.

The system makes near surface seismic surveys fast and easy. Wireless telemetry eliminates all cables and a precision GPS eliminates time consuming layout with tape measures. Each cube contains a geophone and a thee-component accelerometer so that seismic energy can be recorded from 4.5 Hz to 1000 Hz for investigating depths from 30 cm (1 ft) to over 30 m (100 ft). Survey data are collected and analyzed with a tablet computer which allows users to quickly acquire data, process data, and generate reports while on site.

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Survey easily

This flexible system can be used for near surface investigations such as road subgrade stiffness measurements, Vs30 surveys, and geotechnical site characterization.

Several survey types can be performed such as MASW, refraction, and reflection surveys. Traditional seismic sources such as hammer strikes and weight drops can be used. An optional computer controlled active source is also available that can drive stepped frequency tones.

Easy-to-Use Software

User friendly software on a tablet PC makes makes data acquisition and analysis fast and simple.

The software includes an MASW analysis module (multi-channel analysis of surface waves) that can be used to conduct shallow MASW surveys beneath roadways or deeper surveys for site characterization. A Vs30 survey can be conducted in about 15 minutes including sensor deployment, data acquisition, analysis, and report generation. Export SEG-Y data files for refraction and reflection analysis with third party software.



The system is scaleable, with the base system containing 8 cube seismometers. Add more sets for up to 24 total.


No cables to get frayed, and no damaged or dirty connectors to replace. Eliminates intermittent connections.

Multiple Source Types

Compatible with multiple source types. Base system includes a hammer and strike plate. Optional computer controlled active source for stepped frequency MASW surveys.

Shipping Case

Includes a rugged shipping case with integrated charging system to recharge all cube seismometers simultaneously.

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