ESSentialUnderground Software

ESSentialUnderground is a 2D and 3D GPR data processing package for processing, analyzing, and interpreting GPR data.  It has the advanced features that GPR professionals demand while also being fast and easy to use.  If your application is concrete inspection and assessment or utility detection, ESSentialUndergound is the right tool for the job.

  • Use ESSentialUnderground in the field on a tablet PC or in the office on a workstation.
  • Fast visualization and browsing of GPR data in cross section, depth slice, or 3D views.
  • Automatic griding of data.
  • Streamlined GPR data processing with the following functions
    • Zero time shift
    • Background subtraction
    • Frequency filtering
    • Interactive range gain
    • Migration
    • Hilbert transform
  • Combine 3D views of GPR data with surface image overlays
    • Pictures of survey site taken with tablet PC (or other device)
    • Automatically generate surface images from integrated Google Maps (TM) functionality
  • Grids locations from GPS measurements.
  • View and display data from multiple survey grids simultaneously.
  • Users can quickly outline targets such as pipes that can be shown in 3D display, output to DXF CAD file, or output to DOCX report.
  • DXF CAD file export so that survey results can be quickly and easily combined with as-built drawings.
  • Advanced report genertion
    • Users create customized report templates in Microsoft Word DOCX format.  Templates can include users logos and boiler-plate text.
    • Automatically add survey metadata table to report
    • Add any 2D or 3D image from ESSentialUnderground to the report.
    • Use any DOCX compatible word processor to complete report.

Cross Section View


3D View with Picture of Concrete Surface and Interpreted Rebar


3D View with Google Maps Overlay


DXF CAD Export


Generated Report