Welcome to Earth Science Systems, LLC In the Spotlight
Earth Science Systems (ESS) is a research and development company specializing in geophysical instrumentation, expert systems, data modeling and processing, and interpretation. We have clients in the energy, mining, infrastructure, and environmental industries – in both the commercial and government sectors. Our location in the Denver, CO area allows close collaboration with the many local geo-science organizations and academic institutions.

We have assembled a talented group of geo-science professionals to tackle complex challenges. Our staff includes geophysicists, physicists, electrical and mechanical engineers, and computer scientists. Most have been working in industry for well over 10 years.

We embrace the entire spectrum of geophysical technologies. Our broad expertise enables us to provide you a full spectrum of products and services.  For more information, download our R&D capabilities brochure, or one of the brochures from the Spotlight section to the right.
Wireless Sensor Motes for Geophysics
Miniature sensor motes have been designed and prototyped that make galvanic, magnetic, EM induction, and seismic measurements.  For more information, download our wireless sensor brochure.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Next generation GPR technology is being developed that is miniaturized, low-power, has faster acquisition speeds, and better penetration depth over existing technologies.  For more information, download out GPR brochure.

Galvanic Measurements
ESS is developing new non-linear complex resistivity (NLCR) techniques that can be used to identify the presence of specific chemical species in the environment.  Uses range from environmental applications to mining activities.  For more information, download out NLCR brochure.

EM Induction and Magnetometry

Broadband tensor magnetometers and EM induction instruments are being developed from single chip sensors that collect a much richer dataset than existing instruments.  An application of this new technology is described in this pipeline inspection brochure.

Subsurface Object Detection and Characterization
Advanced modeling and inversion algorithms have been created to detect and characterize unexploded ordnance (UXO) using ground penetrating radar, multi-component electromagnetic induction, magnetometry, and seismic measurements.