Earth Science Systems, LLC provides specialized engineering services to a wide range of clients. We have a complete team of engineers and scientists including geophysicists, electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, and software and firmware developers. Our philosophy starts with a complete understanding of the problem so that we can provide the best possible solution. Our specialized laboratory facilities support the development of cutting-edge sensor products. Some of those capabilities and facilities are outlined below.


Antenna Design and Emissions Testing

ESS has designed, manufactured, and tested many different types of GPR antennas as depicted below. These applications include highway surveys, concrete assessment, railroad inspection, and utility detection. ESS has a large anechoic chamber and associated instrumentation for measuring antenna patterns and RF emissions (lower right picture).


Magnetometer Design and Testing

ESS has designed, manufactured, and tested various types of magnetometers. Our magnetometer laboratory contains a multi-layer mu-metal magnetic shield (silver can in lower right picture) that is used for measuring the sensitivity and noise floor of magnetometer systems.  We also have several Helmholtz coils and a turntable for calibrating magnetometers.


High Temperature Electronics

The demands of downhole instrumentation oftentimes require high-temperature electronics.  We develop products for high-temperature applications using proprietary designs and manufacturing techniques.  Typically product performance and response are validated in an oven in the lab before field testing.  The picture below shows a magnetometer and Helmholtz coil inside an oven.