Ground Penetrating Radar


GPR is a technology that is unmatched in providing high resolution images of the shallow subsurface. One of the biggest difficulties with the method is that the penetration depth is limited, and in some soils GPR surveys can only “see” a few inches deep. Our second generation GPR system is designed to address this shortcoming and provide deeper penetration depths. The electronics have been miniaturized so that they can be deployed in borehole, drilling equipment, or in equipment for surface surveys. The photos below show the miniaturized electronics, and a system packaged for surface surveys. Some B-scan surveys results are shown below that illustrate better penetration when using the ESS system (left scan) over a scan from commercially available equipment (right scan). The plot on the left has clearer image at deeper horizons toward the bottom of the plot.



We have also built a third generation GPR system that has been designed to collect high resolution data from a moving vehicle traveling at highway speeds. The first photo below shows both the second (right) and third (left) generation GPR systems. Next is a bridge-deck scan from the third generation system showing reflections from reinforcing steel bars. The last two panels show a scan from a concrete pad containing metallic objects (re-bar, drums, a storage tank, and other small objects) and the corresponding 3-D image from ESS’s analysis software.



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